My name is Denniese Dysart and my goal is to provide a casual and welcoming atmosphere while assisting you to find your own path in personal discovery and wellness.   On this course I will help you identify and cope more effectively with problems in daily living and to deal with inner conflicts which may disrupt your ability to function effectively.

A very important aspect of counseling is the relationship that builds between the client and the counselor.  This may be the only time and place where you can take front and  center stage,  be actually “heard”,  and be in the presence of someone who is non-judgmental.  You may also practice new and improved communication skills during this process.

Some of the areas that my clients may work with are:

  • addictions
  • adjusting to life changes
  • anxiety
  • bi-polar disorder
  • co-occurring disorders
  • depression
  • grief and loss
  • healthy lifestyles
  • problems at work and home
  • relationship issues
  • stress

I customize my counseling style to your specific needs and use the most beneficial and proven approaches to counseling. I will also provide resources and referrals as needed.

It will be my privilege to offer you my hand to guide you on your path.